Do only Smarties have the Answer? Part II

Part 2) Trust in a ‘Guru’ to guide you.

Downdog assist 5

I’m an introvert. It’s very easy for me to sit behind this computer & put pen to paper (so to speak), because I can hide from the response, or lack there of, to anything I write down. There is less fear to how what I am saying might be received and if no one reads it, well I’m enjoying it, so that doesn’t worry me either.

So if I had realised I could have gone onto You Tube or any well known Yogi’s own website and found some guided yoga to enjoy, then I likely would have grabbed it with both hands & flailed around in my living room not having a scooby what I was doing.

But I guess that’s the reason to go to a class … the not having a clue part, because, and I do struggle with this, that whilst there is no right or wrong way to do Yoga, well there is. The right way being to actually feel the benefits of it & the wrong way being – to really hurt yourself, I mean you used to do handstands all the time right, so why not just hop up right now? Cue doing some kind of damage, if not to yourself, then likely something you hold some value to that you killed in the wake of your crashing back down to the ground in a very undignified heap.

Fun fact: I sprained my wrist 7 times when I was younger, the first time doing a cartwheel & to this day they still scare me!

So, having not known the stay at home option, off I went in search of classes.

If I could only give one tip on Yoga, to anyone deciding whether to take their first step onto the mat, or back on it – it would be this: find a real life teacher you enjoy. There’s no prescription for that, perhaps you like structure and knowing what’s going to come next, perhaps you just like to move or sit in silence, perhaps you like the option of chanting & spiritual readings. Just try a few – I can pretty much guarantee they will really vary & how you feel, in my experience comes a lot from the teacher.

Two simple reasons why I personally think this is the number one mantra:

Firstly: For my mind to be present in the practice.

This is a daily struggle for me. I really thought I could multi task until someone pointed out I was just switching between two tasks & independently giving them my full attention (I would beg to differ when I am both peeing & texting!) but nonetheless , for however long, it is just switching & not truly multitasking.

If I can complete X tasks in Y time I am totally up for it. What can I dash & do when boiling the kettle? Whilst I wait in line at a checkout I will check my e-mails, whilst I am in a meeting that I really think I am neither giving to or gaining from – I can do all sorts of mental meanderings (of course none directed at what I could do to my boss).

So being present is the opposite of my natural state – Yoga is the antidote! & there is something about doing it at home sometimes, seeing the dust under the cabinet, or that out of place cushion on the couch (my OCD is a real havoc player for mindfulness!). But when I am in a class, I’ve prepared for this brain downtime, I’ve given myself permission to switch off from everything that exists outside. A mental close down of my on board computer ensues, welcome; Bliss.

Secondly: So my body understands what the hell it’s meant to be doing.

In Yoga speak this is called ‘adjusting’ where the teacher verbally or physically cues you to move.

In my teacher training we have talked about why we might adjust & my teacher said it is not because the person is doing anything wrong but to help show them how they might enjoy it more, or help show their body the way if they can’t get into a pose, as our bodies rely a lot on muscle memory. I like this. Even though every time we do Mysore & she say’s ‘What are you doing’ in her authoritative tone & I know she’s caught me making it up – because I am meant to be following & doing a certain set of postures in a certain way.

Every time I get adjusted, I learn something. Whether it’s to move my feet to allow my hips to move, or to try a variation, someone else guiding my body in a way I would have never thought to do myself or before, always feels better & it imprints on my memory, muscle & brain so much deeper for next time.

I wouldn’t get that from You Tube or my TV, or even a mirror (which my teacher has encouraged me not to use – one for another day). They can’t tell me that my hamstrings are tight (& more importantly what to do about it), they can’t lie on me in a seated forward fold and ease my body that extra cm into feeling the full pose and they certainly can’t encourage me in the same way, be it either with a carrot or a very light, light, light , light, more feather esq. stick. The warmth that comes from another human being, moving you into a new space for your body that you just can’t explore on your own, makes me smile. Every time.

I’d also, whilst I’ve got you, like to bring it back to something else you might have heard of in the Yogic space: Guru’s. & demystify them a little in relation to what I’ve just said.

I’d heard the word Guru before coming to Yoga, but through my YTT they seem to pop up in abundance, lots of reading about Guru’s, people who follow a guru, the need to have a guru, trusting without question in a guru.

I’d always thought of Guru as a higher being, someone of worship-worthy ness … God like. But the literal Sanskrit meaning is teacher & in Indian tradition goes further to describe them as an ‘imparter of knowledge’.

My teacher, & I guess therefore in some ways my Guru (though I know she would wince if I used that term) has been practicing many years & I do put my absolute trust in in her. Yet as a teacher, with all the time she has had to build knowledge, with all the experience she has gained … she welcomes us & our thoughts with the same value as her own. We may not always be 100% right (or on topic; certainly that conversation about liking wandering around the house naked was not on topic), but she never dismisses our thoughts & would never say we were wrong. My favourite phrase she say’s is ‘Hmm, I never thought about it like that’ & she smiles.

I guess, in this respect we all have the responsibility to be the imparters of knowledge? However big or small. A good guru/teacher/‘Smartie’ to me, is someone who is always a student too & I think that maybe that is what I like most about my teacher.

I hope, that whatever the rest of the journey my YTT takes me on, whatever path it leads me to next, if I do become a teacher, may I also, always be a student 🙏🏻

Namaste 🙂

(The Pic above is me being adjusted by my teacher … for show on how to adjust … I’ll come back to how that really makes me rabbit in a headlights as an introvert!!)

Do only Smarties have the answer? Part I

Part 1) The Dark side of Tamas (I’m just trying to be dramatic here).


I was walking a familiar route down a country lane not far from my house, it’s idyllic, beautiful, full of farm smells & birds rustling (& scaring the crap out of me) in bushes. I walk/run/cycle it often & even after 3 years of living at the end of it, happily take the same route. It’s particularly nice at sunrise as it has a wonderful view for miles … at the top of a steep hill of course.

But on this day I was maddened by the sheer amount of rubbish thrown carelessly & left abandoned at the side of the road. From people who had purposefully wound (OK pressed a button) to open their window & consciously not give a crap about anything else but their own selfish desire to rid themselves of something that no longer served them.

Arrrggghhh – how long was it really going to be before you reached your destination? Whether at home or not THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN A PLACE FOR YOU TO DISPOSE OR EVEN BETTER RECYCLE YOUR CRAP.

& What possible reason for not doing so? Answer: Laziness. We humans are inherently lazy, so much is spoon fed & given to us, marketeers rub their little hands at how easily we are pleased when they do something so small to make our ever busying lives that bit more convenient.

The nano second of inconvenience it would have taken for that person to deal with their rubbish for the sake of the entire world other that themselves. Pure, selfish, laziness … and it’s an epidemic.

In Yoga it’s called ‘Tamas’ which literally translates as ‘darkness’. It’s one of the Guna’s (qualities/attributes) which means inertia, inactivity, dullness or lethargy. We all possess a certain element of this, whether it be another snooze of the 6 am alarm, or 1 more episode of QE when we really ought to have ticked that thing off the to do list that we never seem to have the time for.

& Rest is a good thing, listening to our bodies and letting them rest, or moreover our minds from the crazy amount of neuron zapping that occurs by the second in our thought patterns – all of this is OK. In fact I encourage you to watch QE & not feel like it was 50 minutes of heart warming time, well spent.

However when it brims over into pure, inexplicably, undeniable selfish behaviour that has the potential to impact others harmfully, then being Lazy is an inexcusable wrongdoing to your fellow inhabitants in your community.

You don’t have to be smart, you don’t have to be the World’s number one authority on recycling, or the environment, you don’t even need to really think for a split second; to KNOW that discarding YOUR leftovers at the side of the road doesn’t serve anybody but yourself.

My pet peeve is Laziness (can you tell? Ha ha) and littering is one of the most blatant and selfish forms of it.

Ranty … it’s made me angry just writing this …

Before Yoga became a true part of my life, I would have still tutted, maybe shook my head or commented on, but now (when I realise angry gets me nowhere, or sorry I remember Yoga tells me anger gets me nowhere). I do something about it … I pick the rubbish up or tell somebody they dropped something. If they don’t pick it up, so what – I will – do good & be good.

Being good doesn’t require intellect, ‘the smarts’, a university level education – we can all be clever & do the ‘good’ thing without being traditionally ‘geek’ smart. Equally lack of knowledge is no excuse here, the inherent understanding of right & wrong is within all of us – it’s just how we act on it that separates us in reality.

I can’t change the world, but I can change the way I see it & how I help it. I can get over my anger (I doubt I’ll ever stop it & sometimes it’s a good fuel) and the best way to do so is to take a positive action, however small and however unnoticed.

I personally might not be able to change McDonald’s packaging, I might never even change the view of a single person on littering, but if I hold that expectation, require that outcome, then I might think it reason not to do anything at all & that would be true laziness, because I absolutely have the power to affect me. To chose to be good. & Actually ‘being’ good comes through action.

What will you choose today?

I needed to get this off my chest! Tomorrow a different view that I took with this picture on smarties on my Insta account … if you want to read ahead … you geek 😉

Namaste 🙂

5 Things I wish I knew before I went to my 1st Class:

& Why you shouldn’t let them Stop You!


I figure now is as good a time as any to actually impart some practical advice … unless you just subscribed to this for a bit of light relief, in which case – skip to no.1.

In a countdown style … in at:

No.5: You’re going to get lost.

Potentially just to get to class, as they are often held in church halls & random rooms in a centre you never knew existed. But, I’m actually referring to being in the class, understanding what you are being told & converting that into where your hands or feet should be at any given time. Like you’re playing a giant game of twister, only you can’t see the colours & you’re not sure if the person spinning the wheel is playing by the rules.

You look around & you’re pretty certain every other person is in some synchronized dance and you’re the only one who can’t hear the music, but, that’s OK because:

No.4: You’re not alone.

I can guarantee there is at least one other person in the room, who is either lost, stuck, doesn’t know the move (or doesn’t like it & is avoiding it) OR they’ll be some know it all already onto the next thing, making some entirely different shape to everyone else. It’s just your fear telling you anything else.

Whatever you think, however you feel – it’s totally, 100% normal & the secret is, it’s a safe space, because:

No.3: No one else cares what you can’t do.

I’ve never had someone comment that my Downward dog is unbalanced, or my twist not … twisty enough. Comparison is in general non existent in class. It’s your practice & if that means you’ve come to your mat to lay on Child’s pose & not move for an hour, good for you. & If someone does catch a sneaky peak at you, because they’re looking back at you through downward dog, or looking rabbit in a headlights directly at you to check what the hell ‘Virabhadrasana I’* is (yes I googled to ensure correct spelling), to copy you, it’s a compliment. I have only ever looked at someone else & thought – wow that looks good.

& This is where it gets a little more daunting,

No. 2: It’s Hard!

Everyone thinks of Yoga as this cool Zen activity, where you chill & stretch a little, maybe go for a mocha-chino after. Well, I remember how hard that 1st class was, I certainly gave it a good go, but god did it show me … and it continues to do so.

I study Ashtanga which is considered a ‘strong’ type of Yoga & people walk out of those classes dripping in sweat, every time. The heat it builds inside your body, ‘your fire’, you have to give it a go to believe it. & Holding a pose for 30 seconds – that’s not long right? Just see how much you wobble & shake … & to start with count in the hope you are somewhere near the end all of 5 seconds in. Again, totally, 100% normal.

& The truth behind all those beautiful, graceful, easy looking artworks of poses we see on Instagram, is years, sometimes decades of constant & consistent practice. That’s why  it’s called practice! & That’s just a snapshot of a split second in time … I’ll bet you now you won’t find a Yogi who can’t without the need of a second thought, tell you something they find hard in their practice, & as in life – that’s where you should go & focus on, not shy away from.

For me this is Pigeon pose – it is my nemesis, for one, the lack of cool name upsets me (my favourite pose is wild thing 😉 but it goes after your hamstrings & my tight runners hammies do not wanna play pigeon!

So, you don’t know what you’re doing, you get the fear it’s just you, you stop & think f@#k it – I’ll wing it – only to realise touching your toes in the 1st pose was tough enough, how the hell are you supposed to balance on one leg whilst doing it?! & Then:

No. 1: You let rip!

Now I can’t speak for the men here, but I don’t just mean in the normal bum sense, but ladies, I’m talking from the front (down there) too! It’s much worse in my home practice, I guess because I feel much more comfortable … I actually wonder if, through the theory of the butterfly effect, any of the more recent storms have been caused by me coming down from a shoulder stand?

But one of the purposes of the practice is to cleanse; mucus, bile … wind. Trust me, you will have to put zero effort into helping that last one along! I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise with how we are moving & twisting our body & especially when we go upside down, how that moves things around.

& The old adage is true – it is better out than in. The only comfort I can provide, is that I have genuinely never heard anyone else! Snore yes, giggle – a plenty (99% of the time at the snorer), fart no. So everyone’s doing it, but there all so concentrated on there own, they’re not hearing yours.

Anything new is scary, we can always find 100 reasons not to in a matter of seconds. Doubt & fear is our natural protective state.

But if I can leave this on a positive, I went back. I keep going back … I actual am now in training to be able to do it myself.

No one else in the room is judging you. They’ve come to take that time out for themselves, to shut off the outside world … & flow … & breathe … & just be.

So if the above is as bad as it gets, well we’ve all faced worse right? & I promise you, the scales are definitely tipped in favour of why you should go, & go again – I promise to share those with you sometime.

But for now – I’m off to practice … Aerial tonight (that’s a picture of me doing Aerial above) … lots of inversions – Oh well, I see a storm coming!

Namaste 🙂

*Sanskrit name for pose: Warrior one … google it, give it a go, I challenge you not to feel empowered in this pose!

Identification & The Accountant Yogi

Who is I? (No this is not meant as really bad grammar – but I would expect some of that too).


I’ve always been career driven, not that I really knew what I wanted to ‘be’. My earliest memory of what I thought was that I’d be a nurse … but not standing the sight of blood was a sort of sticking point & after that I genuinely had no real idea.

I remember doing one of those tests at school, where you tick a lot of boxes & computer says ‘Accountant’. Which, after getting my GCSE’s and going onto A-Level’s, I determined Law was my path (I’m sure this was completely unconnected to my Love for Alley McBeal at the time) and on I went to University. I will always love my University years, they took me way out of my comfort zone to Liverpool, an absolutely fantastic City, but couldn’t have been more of a departure from my small town home. I found 6 unbelievable girlfriends who are still a part of my life & I decided Law was both boring in real life & constantly changed – so what the F@*k did all the learning matter anyhow.

So in some; either bizarre twist of fate, or genuine this is your path calling (we did try to tell you), I became an Accountant. Honest. Not all accountants are 😉 The reality was, I needed a job & my father was very clear that my return home (to his house) was to be temporary and I had no clue what I wanted to do, so I applied for an advert that included on the job training. I failed the maths test … and got the job. Genuinely, I FAILED the MATHS test, so either they were desperate, or someone REALLY wanted me to be an Accountant.

I qualified 12 years ago now, even have my fellowship (insert twinkle on teeth as I smile) & I am very happy to say I Love it. I always say I’m lucky to love what I do, because I did sort of fall into it, I’m not sure anybody’s destiny is to be an Accountant. But I’ve never dreaded Monday mornings or spent my days clock watching … well my last job I can’t say I loved, it was painful, stressful & thankless! I tried to change it, but I couldn’t & so I left. I know that’s just me, my mindset, my way of dealing with things, I stick to my principles & don’t put up with any shit, & if something isn’t working I take it upon myself to change it, I don’t expect the world to owe me one. I 100% trust my gut. Doesn’t make it easy, but it makes happiness a permanent resident in my life.

So I found a new job … & in my usual, want to prove myself, show up & deliver single minded way, I figured I needed to be prepped to work every evening, perhaps weekend’s – at least to get up to speed & then to change the world, one VLookUp at a time. I planned for the 1st month to have nothing on at the weekends – so I could devote all my time & energy to it, seriously.

But I found the office got locked at 5 and well with focus, there wasn’t real need … & I just didn’t seem to have the desire to ‘go above an beyond’ … so I suddenly had all this, Time.

I’ve always been one of those ‘busy’ people, I keep a to do list on my phone, so that I can be productive with every waking minute and go to bed feeling like Little Miss Accomplished. Whether waiting at a coffee shop for that friend who’s always late or just on the loo (I mean how long in our lifetimes do we spend there?! Sorry to every person I’ve ever replied to whilst sat there #sorrynotsorry), productivity has just been my mindset, for like, forever. From my geek days at school where I think it stems from just wanting to compete with my sister (see previous post), to being the first person in the family to go to University … and well it just never stopped. Wow that’s like 25 years of ‘doing’ & if I live to the average age in the UK these days, I have maybe 50 WHOLE YEARS to go.

So I was looking for a hobby I guess, with a feeling of wanting something else & all my friends having babies (which I categorically, 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, please don’t say I’ll change my mind I might have to punch you) know isn’t for me.

I’d always enjoyed Yoga & been practicing for about 2&1/2 years at this point & it just kinda said ‘pick me’ & (now this is where I change my tune & say I do really believe in fate), I saw a Yoga Teacher Training, starting soon, by the teacher of the 1st class I ever went to.

What Yoga has taught me thus far is ‘My job is as an Accountant – I am not’. This is actually a massive realisation for me, this career has been such a marker in my life, it lets me know & helps me understand ‘my place’ in the world, it has been my engine & my path maker. Almost to the point where I’m not really sure I have truly thought about what it is I want to ‘be’ since that first time I cut myself and couldn’t withstand the rising need to be sick in me.

It’s crazy: Female or male, age, short or tall, birthplace, size 8 or 28, birthplace; a set of markers that I thought identify me, what I am & a set of rules to help me pigeon hole other people to feel comfortable in who I think they are.

Yoga does not relate to me as an accountant, or my sex or my age & very beautifully makes it non discriminatory by default, but that is not it’s purpose. Yoga is teaching me to strip away the layers of identification and seek out what lies beneath – the True Self. That is Yoga’s ultimate goal, enlightenment; to go beyond the shell we present ourselves in and to phrase it in a western sense – find our soul.

Whoa … hold up. That got deep, quick.

I guess the moral of this little ditty is: I’ve spent my life to date trying or thinking, I ought to be something, or thinking I might not be doing enough to be that something. & Day to day I need to function in this world we identify ourselves in, to pay the mortgage & put prosecco in the fridge. So can I be enlightened but also an accountant? Pause to insert your own joke here …

I heard a stat yesterday, that 89% of people who meditate, don’t believe they will find their way to enlightenment* (meditation being like the #1 of paths to it). If that is true? (& whoever knows with all the fake news and stats bollocks that marketeers manipulate us with all the time). Why should I not just be a busy accountant?

To be continued …

Namaste 🙂

*I heard this on: which is a fun intro to the world of meditation.

I’m going wedding dress shopping tomorrow … I’m not getting married.

No: I’m not one of those weirdo’s that does it for fun.


I buy into marriage, not so much the wedding bit, I mean I never took a pillowcase to my head & walked down a fictitious isle made of teddy bears. I’m not sold on the big white dress (you a virgin? & I will happily make this joke time & again in front of her whenever I think I can get a rise out of the crowd), or … well really spending all the money on feeding & watering all & sundry, because you need to invite Bob, your aunties ‘friend’ who you never met before, because otherwise it will upset you mother … & on it goes.

But my Sister is getting married & for her, I want everything she wants to be just so.

My Sister & I are two peas, from two profoundly different pods. We were never friends growing up. She was the cool one with oodles of boyfriends & I was the snitch who told Mum when she was hanging out the window smoking.

She was the popular, pretty one with lots of friends & I was the one who didn’t know how to wear make-up & never got detention (well only that one time & it was joint, so only counts as half).

My favourite childhood memories are of my red BMX & a remote control car I bugged my parents for, for an entire 12 months & I loved that little racing machine for years – it took pride of place on the shelf in my bedroom, when I wasn’t finding new ways to annoy the cat with it.

My favourite memory of my sister, is this one time, we were on a boat in the Norfolk Broads & we were outside with these big red lifesavers around us & our parents went to the inside bit & said to play nice (most likely they did anyway). There were swans & we were leaning over to feed them & my sister fell in.

And I didn’t do anything … well I probably giggled to myself, I have a feeling of that, but I didn’t shout for help … even when the boat started to drift away … god I thought this would be quite a funny story but actually think I was more evil that I recall?! It’s not like anything bad happened – I’m seeing her tomorrow remember … though she has struggled with pneumonia on occasion …

So to bring this back to Yoga (which is the purpose of my amblings), well, the basic definition of the word Yoga is ‘Unite’ … I could then talk about marriage & how that will unite my Sister etc… but what I actually want to say is how it has united my relationship with my sister.

For all the differences that divide us (her unwavering generosity and desire to see the best in people vs my systematic honesty and dogmatic approach to my principles), for the different paths we have taken; I, the self professed geek going as faraway from home as possible to go to University & she at that same age bringing new life into the world. We both, in 2018, embarked on our Yoga Teacher Training.

I introduced her to Yoga (so she tells me) and she just went for it full on, diving into training, even though I started first. I mean I should do my training first? … & it made me think what am I waiting for? How good do I think I need to be, to be good enough to follow something I just want to soak up like a sponge. So what if I don’t actually want to teach, I want to learn, no actually, I LOVE to learn & all I want to learn about is this Crazy old Eastern tradition that all I can get from week to week is a 60 minute class where I move my body. & I LOVE that part of it … I don’t know if you didn’t love the physical practice whether you might come to any other part of Yoga. But I also love the inner peace, the calmness it stills my mind with & all of the beautiful, kind, giving nature of the whole philosophy of Yoga – that is so much more than just the physical. I love how it makes me stop & care about this very moment, stop & enjoy it, know that really, now is all there is & therefore to be present in it, to be here now.

It’s a total 180 juxtaposition from my Corporate Clark Kent day to day (I’m not saying I turn into Superman, I mean if I was going to be a superhero I think I’d go Batman – for the gadgets) but I do bloody feel as good as Superman when I allow myself to get in the zone, so why not bloody go & learn in the deepest way possible.

So here I am, 2 months since my 1st week of intense training + 1 weekend in (7 more to go over the months to come) & how do I feel? Pretty darned happy.

Once I got past the sheer panic on the 1st day, sat in the car, on the verge of tears & took those 1st daunting steps into the room, once I realised my body was going to ache – forever, once I realised the sheer enormity of what I had to learn over my 200 hours alone … I just think, I love this. I can’t get enough.

I practice first thing if I can or at least do some morning nod to it, I listen to a Yoga themed podcast on my way to & from work & now I’m ruddy ‘blogging’ about it … I think this is just some musings from a randomer, but I’m loving this too!

So thanks to my Sister (the one on the left) who for all the reason’s that (& I probably still do you) annoy me, thank you for unknowingly giving me the push to start this next step of my journey. Thank you for all the love & support you give me, advice, books to read … I look forward to where it might take me & us next ❤

Namaste 🙂

PS. Do you remember that time I held you down & punched you, whilst shouting ‘ow stop hurting me’ & Dad came in & found us … ah the memories 😉

Why Yoga? Are you a Hippie now?

Hmm … well somethings gotten hold of my heart.


I live here … nice huh? It’s the Heart Chakra of the world … what now? Rewind.

I moved to Glastonbury to be closer to work & open up work opportunities in the not so far away little smoke of Bristol (UK). I did not want to move here, I wanted to move to the tiniest City in the UK, just down the road – but boring story short, here I moved.

When I moved here I was pretty judgmental about ‘the type of people’ who reside here … outsiders for ease would call them hippies. It’s like the 60’s happened & time stopped there. This isn’t a joke, only at the weekend I was invited to a cannabis festival & had an offer of free love.

But I did get jokes from my friends about when I might start wearing tie dye & dreading my hair … they hadn’t yet seen the regular Robin Hood with his bow & arrow, or the guy with his Pet goat who heels to command, who are regulars of the high street. But ‘Glasto’ is  known for it’s uniqueness … & that big music thing that happens down the road.

Anyway relevance to Yoga … well it was upon arriving to my new home, out on one of my 1st runs exploring the neighbourhood, that I was deciding upon what other physical activity I could do, to spice up my running schedule. I came across a Yoga class & with the specific intention of getting a physical hit of adrenaline rocked up to my first foray.

I still remember it, it was only just after 6 & dark already due to it being January & I had walked there & due to it also being Freezenary lost all feeling in my face. I was welcomed & asked did I bring my own Mat … nope, had I done any Yoga before, nope, did I have any injuries yada yada … cut to me on my mat, being moved about by my teacher & having absolutely no clue what was going on, other than having the feeling that I’d joined some kind of cult & everyone was in on it bar me & this was some mind control way to get me involved.

I went back, the next week. Mostly because I couldn’t do it & wanted to prove I could. I then also tried another class, which was 1st thing on a Saturday morning (rude) but with work commitments was struggling to make evening classes.

I attended my first Saturday class hungover (insert your own tut here) & found it some random cure for my fuzzy head & upset stomach – win! & So I went back the next week. My teacher – Sarah had tattoo’s, was not stick thin (gorgeously womanly is how I would describe her) & had dreadlocks. She was strong – like floating with ease strong, but moreover she radiated warmth – there was just something about her. To an outsider she was from Glasto, to me, a smile-maker.

That’s not to say I wasn’t going back because of the physical – I was. Doing anything upside down was alien & impossible to me & using my T-Rex like arms to balance even an Oz of my body weight was an immense struggle. I would leave feeling like I’d really pushed myself, apart from that bit at the end, where they make you lie down like a dead person and not do anything, not even think, for what feels like an inordinate amount of time. I would write my whole week to-do list in that time, or think about how I might be able to escape the next class before I had to do this bit, but I always chose the far corner to set up my mat, so I would only be scuppered by this by the time I remembered it the next class.

I think it was the 3rd time I went to that class that everything changed & in some weird vortexy moment, for the time I was in that class, the world fell away. Like it didn’t exist & wouldn’t again. I only thought about my body & myself.

Then when it came to the dead bit at the end (genuinely called ‘Corpse’ pose), I distinctly remember lying there thinking about the black birds in the tree I had seen on my way in … now technically you are not meant to think of anything, but the birds were really active that morning & I could hear them throughout class.

I felt like I floated home … & there began my love affair with Yoga.

To come back to Glastonbury, it’s apparently (& I’ve not yet looked it up ‘properly’) on an ancient ley line & is the Heart Chakra of the world (Chakra’s are sort of subtle energy points in your body – I’ll likely come back to them some day).

People flock to Glastonbury for many such mystical qualities it is said to hold like this – including a grave for King Arthur. So did something deeper call to me? I’m not convinced of that, but Glasto has changed me.

‘Those’ people I saw as Hippies, I now see as wonderfully free people, who make this town a happy place. The high street bustles with buskers & tourists all year round & there is always something to sit & admire. I love this town that I now call home & if I am now a bit Hippie (or a lot, got to say I love a herbal tea now too), then I take that as a compliment.

Oh & that 1st class I dropped into all casually … the teacher there is now training me up … now I do believe in Serendipity.

Namaste 🙂

Whats it all about? Me. Yoga. Now

Ch-ch-ch check it out, wh-wh-what’s it all about?

IMG_7514Is this just another Yoga blog?

Quite potentially, so where’s the cool pretzel pic of me to draw you in?! … Well, I am a mere beginner on this Yoga journey, only 2& 1/2 years of time stepping onto my Mat so my runners hamstrings & barely there core have a few years of practice to go! But I am sure I will share some of that fun stuff …

More over I want to share all the other wonderful, weighty, ‘woo-woo’ and wake up moments yoga is bringing into my life off the mat. All the magic that happens when you go beyond the asana (that’s yoga pose – if you’re new like me).

So if you’re willing to keep your mind open … let’s go!

As this is post number 1, a few small things that might be relevant from my Yoga passport to date:

  1. I’m no expert & won’t profess to be, I will simply share what peaks my interest at any point on my journey.
  2. There is no right or wrong way – so this is likely to be a non linear meander … a juxtaposition with my day-to-day Clark Kent life. So lets try going with the flow.
  3. No stamp of approval – I will try not to edit myself, or my posts & just post as it comes.
  4. I won’t apologise for my view but I welcome your comment on it, after all this is just one view & the more we see things from a different angle the more colourful that view could be.
  5. My glass is ‘full-full’ … I look to the bright side, the positive, have a can-do attitude – I flourish in the light, so feel free to meet me there or when you’re ready to.

Looking forward to the Journey ahead,

Namaste 🙂