What is Yoga? (Hint: It’s not just Pretzel Posing)

And What does it mean to me? Disclaimers: I'm slightly cheating with this post, as my teacher training assignment is to write 500 words on what yoga is - to me ... as a multi tasker, 2 birds & all that. Yoga changed my life. Fact. Not going to wait to the end to wrap … Continue reading What is Yoga? (Hint: It’s not just Pretzel Posing)

Identification & The Accountant Yogi

Who is I? (No this is not meant as really bad grammar - but I would expect some of that too). I've always been career driven, not that I really knew what I wanted to 'be'. My earliest memory of what I thought was that I'd be a nurse ... but not standing the sight … Continue reading Identification & The Accountant Yogi