Why Yoga? Are you a Hippie now?

Hmm … well somethings gotten hold of my heart.


I live here … nice huh? It’s the Heart Chakra of the world … what now? Rewind.

I moved to Glastonbury to be closer to work & open up work opportunities in the not so far away little smoke of Bristol (UK). I did not want to move here, I wanted to move to the tiniest City in the UK, just down the road – but boring story short, here I moved.

When I moved here I was pretty judgmental about ‘the type of people’ who reside here … outsiders for ease would call them hippies. It’s like the 60’s happened & time stopped there. This isn’t a joke, only at the weekend I was invited to a cannabis festival & had an offer of free love.

But I did get jokes from my friends about when I might start wearing tie dye & dreading my hair … they hadn’t yet seen the regular Robin Hood with his bow & arrow, or the guy with his Pet goat who heels to command, who are regulars of the high street. But ‘Glasto’ is  known for it’s uniqueness … & that big music thing that happens down the road.

Anyway relevance to Yoga … well it was upon arriving to my new home, out on one of my 1st runs exploring the neighbourhood, that I was deciding upon what other physical activity I could do, to spice up my running schedule. I came across a Yoga class & with the specific intention of getting a physical hit of adrenaline rocked up to my first foray.

I still remember it, it was only just after 6 & dark already due to it being January & I had walked there & due to it also being Freezenary lost all feeling in my face. I was welcomed & asked did I bring my own Mat … nope, had I done any Yoga before, nope, did I have any injuries yada yada … cut to me on my mat, being moved about by my teacher & having absolutely no clue what was going on, other than having the feeling that I’d joined some kind of cult & everyone was in on it bar me & this was some mind control way to get me involved.

I went back, the next week. Mostly because I couldn’t do it & wanted to prove I could. I then also tried another class, which was 1st thing on a Saturday morning (rude) but with work commitments was struggling to make evening classes.

I attended my first Saturday class hungover (insert your own tut here) & found it some random cure for my fuzzy head & upset stomach – win! & So I went back the next week. My teacher – Sarah had tattoo’s, was not stick thin (gorgeously womanly is how I would describe her) & had dreadlocks. She was strong – like floating with ease strong, but moreover she radiated warmth – there was just something about her. To an outsider she was from Glasto, to me, a smile-maker.

That’s not to say I wasn’t going back because of the physical – I was. Doing anything upside down was alien & impossible to me & using my T-Rex like arms to balance even an Oz of my body weight was an immense struggle. I would leave feeling like I’d really pushed myself, apart from that bit at the end, where they make you lie down like a dead person and not do anything, not even think, for what feels like an inordinate amount of time. I would write my whole week to-do list in that time, or think about how I might be able to escape the next class before I had to do this bit, but I always chose the far corner to set up my mat, so I would only be scuppered by this by the time I remembered it the next class.

I think it was the 3rd time I went to that class that everything changed & in some weird vortexy moment, for the time I was in that class, the world fell away. Like it didn’t exist & wouldn’t again. I only thought about my body & myself.

Then when it came to the dead bit at the end (genuinely called ‘Corpse’ pose), I distinctly remember lying there thinking about the black birds in the tree I had seen on my way in … now technically you are not meant to think of anything, but the birds were really active that morning & I could hear them throughout class.

I felt like I floated home … & there began my love affair with Yoga.

To come back to Glastonbury, it’s apparently (& I’ve not yet looked it up ‘properly’) on an ancient ley line & is the Heart Chakra of the world (Chakra’s are sort of subtle energy points in your body – I’ll likely come back to them some day).

People flock to Glastonbury for many such mystical qualities it is said to hold like this – including a grave for King Arthur. So did something deeper call to me? I’m not convinced of that, but Glasto has changed me.

‘Those’ people I saw as Hippies, I now see as wonderfully free people, who make this town a happy place. The high street bustles with buskers & tourists all year round & there is always something to sit & admire. I love this town that I now call home & if I am now a bit Hippie (or a lot, got to say I love a herbal tea now too), then I take that as a compliment.

Oh & that 1st class I dropped into all casually … the teacher there is now training me up … now I do believe in Serendipity.

Namaste 🙂

4 thoughts on “Why Yoga? Are you a Hippie now?

  1. Thank you for the letter, I really got a kick out of it. No I am not a Hippie, I am a Baby Boomer. But I am guilty of owning a few tie-dye items, that I actually tie-dyed myself. I live in Southern California, its very expensive to live here. The hippies from my generation left the area and moved to an area where they could live in communes, survive without employment and get high. I was a runner and a body builder and looking for another way to tone up my body and loose the bulky man muscles that I had. I come from a family of healers, and my healing gifts were becoming to the point I could not ignore them anymore and I started healing about 15 years ago. I am familiar with chakras. I have even figured out how to transfer my healing abilities unto others. If you are interested I do this for free, I will give you some instructions to go along with it. And hopefully it doesn’t stop there. I use mantras in a lot of my healings. Well keep in touch, its been a pleasure to meet you Yours truly, deb

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    1. Hey Deb – love your down to earth honesty. Your warmth radiates ❤
      I hear the sun always shines where you are? I went to San Fran, crikey like 11 years ago now, but loved it.
      Healing – not something I’ve had much exposure to, but sounds very interesting, would love to hear more 🙂

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