Whats it all about? Me. Yoga. Now

Ch-ch-ch check it out, wh-wh-what’s it all about?

IMG_7514Is this just another Yoga blog?

Quite potentially, so where’s the cool pretzel pic of me to draw you in?! … Well, I am a mere beginner on this Yoga journey, only 2& 1/2 years of time stepping onto my Mat so my runners hamstrings & barely there core have a few years of practice to go! But I am sure I will share some of that fun stuff …

More over I want to share all the other wonderful, weighty, ‘woo-woo’ and wake up moments yoga is bringing into my life off the mat. All the magic that happens when you go beyond the asana (that’s yoga pose – if you’re new like me).

So if you’re willing to keep your mind open … let’s go!

As this is post number 1, a few small things that might be relevant from my Yoga passport to date:

  1. I’m no expert & won’t profess to be, I will simply share what peaks my interest at any point on my journey.
  2. There is no right or wrong way – so this is likely to be a non linear meander … a juxtaposition with my day-to-day Clark Kent life. So lets try going with the flow.
  3. No stamp of approval – I will try not to edit myself, or my posts & just post as it comes.
  4. I won’t apologise for my view but I welcome your comment on it, after all this is just one view & the more we see things from a different angle the more colourful that view could be.
  5. My glass is ‘full-full’ … I look to the bright side, the positive, have a can-do attitude – I flourish in the light, so feel free to meet me there or when you’re ready to.

Looking forward to the Journey ahead,

Namaste 🙂

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